ITELIOS at the Salesforce World Tour 2018

ITELIOS at the Salesforce World Tour 2018

2018 is a success for Salesforce, who announces more 12 000 participants on this record year.

Alexandre Dayon made the show on the opening keynote, in company in particular of Parker Harris, co-founder of Salesforce. An American-style show, punctuated with videos and announcements.

Among these, we held:

  • The massive investment of the Group in the hexagon over the next 5 years: 2,2 billion dollars, and the creation of +150 000 jobs of which + 37 000 expresses.
  • The arrival of Salesforce Essentials, for small and medium sized enterprises.


Presents on the partners' area through Capgemini, ITELIOS insured a multiple public representation.

At first, with the important emphasis of Petit Bateau, with whom Salesforce created a pop-up store. Designed like a mini shop, it staged the customer omnicanal journey, before, during, and after the visit in store.

Then, we talked with more details about the e-commerce project and the new digital strategy of Petit Bateau during a conference co-led with Christel Hennion, the Digital and Customer Marketing Director, in front of a full and attentive conference room.

In the same way, we also wished to highlight the Group Beaumanoir, to talk about the way they chose to put the customer at the heart of their digital strategy. A beautiful moment of sharing on the stakes lived by this group of multiple brands (Cache-Cache, Bonobo, Bréal, Morgan, ...).