The very best of digital commerce developed in 5 competence centers

  • E-commerce & Omnichannel

    Deploy an efficient online sales strategy and maximize the agility across the sales channels


    • Launch your eCommerce platform worlwide with a strong Go-to-Market approach
    • Manage the Omnichannel processes cross your organization (Click & Collect, Web-to-Store, Store-to-Web, PIM, RCU, Payment...)
    • Generate incremental growth and increase your profitability by launching a Marketplace
    • Increase your online business performance through a business consulting approach


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  • In-Store

    Develop customers and vendors’ interfaces adapted to the new In-Store uses


    • Increase your sells through a Store-to-Web clienteling App, which enables you to do In-Store complementary sales
    • Manage the daily operational execution of In-Store and omnichannel’s customer experience (Click & collect, eReservation, in store returns management, ship from store…)
    • Conduct customer acquisition campaigns and drive In-Store customer relation (loyalty programs, enrichment and update of customer data)
    • Develop new digitalized store concepts (Stores or Pop-up stores) 


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  • Mobile

    Design and deliver a specific and accurate customer experience on mobile 


    • Offer your customers a complementary brand experience to your ecommerce website through a rich native mobile application
    • Animate your customer community through a mobile loyalty program, gamification apps or editorial content
    • Transform your customer’s journey into a seamless experience through omnichannel payment functionality (One click, cashless payment, NFC ...)
    • Design dedicated Business Apps that bring productivity in the daily work of your team, your customers and your partners
    • Imagine unique customer experiences by integrating connected objects


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  • CRM, Customer Centric & Data

    Build a personalized and efficient client relationship


    • Make the first step to a Customer Centric approach by building a unique client repository for your entire organization
    • Manage efficiently your omnichannel customer service, in France or worldwide
    • Help unify the customer relation processes on all customer/brand ’s contact points like call centers, stores or social networks (return management, refunds, exchange, store delivery, eReservation)
    • Make your sales team work more efficiently through a Sales Force Automation solution
    • Enjoy the possibility to analyse, optimize and plan your activity thanks to your data.


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  • Digital Experience

    Redesign your brand digital strategy 


    • Deliver more of what your customers expect by offering a personnalized digital experience 
    • Provide a relevant content to your audience by taking into account the context of how your customers interacted with your brand
    • Interact with your customers through a conversational approach
    • Manage automated and targeted marketing campaign on all the brand touchpoint 
    • Engage your customer with dedicated campaigns and engagement plans


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